Why The Fables!

Be part of a winning team

The Fable Hotels,  manages and develops some of the world’s best themed boutique hotels and private member’s clubs in the world.

A career with us will put you side by side with a group of creative and caring leaders and professionals of boutique hospitality, who amaze our guests and members with unique experiences,  and  make perfect in everything thing they prepare and serve. 

At our hotels, we look for people who are:


Intuitive – to anticipate and discern our guests and members needs


To provide extraordinary and impeccable service is what we aim for at Fable Hotels. Our members, guests and patrons expect nothing less.  


Authentic – with a genuine interest on people and love for our hotels and guests


We only employ incredible individual to be part of our team. Our teams take a tremendous pride in working for our hotels and guests. They have genuine interest of our guests and members, with total dedication to deliver high standards, they all love what they do.


Responsible – demonstrate absolute dedication


At our hotels, attention to detail is everything. The foundations of our hotels lie in our high standards in integrity, commitment and responsibility.  

Social responsibility and care for the environment are an integral part of our philosophy, we aimed to create program and partnership to aid local community and individuals to develop. 


Personal Ownership –We expect all of our team members take the ownership and initiative, actively  create a magical experience for our club members and guests.


All Fable hotel is a unique piece of gems with a individual theme. They are a destination of their own right – a unique experience that welcomes, cossets, thrills and dazzles. At our hotels and private member clubs, our team  has the individual flair to create a unique pleasant  experience, flawlessly magical and unforgettable.

Do you think you have got the skills and dedication to provide that a unique, intuitive Fable service?


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