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Facing directly onto a dramatic seven-mile-long sandy beach – Swansea Bay, the Music Fable is the very epitome of luxury. This highly atmospheric Victorian house offers strikingly designed suites, world-best music systems, exotic scents and delicious tastes to its guests, in addition to a stunning panoramic Seaview.

Our ‘Haute Fable Couture Dream’ emanates from a bundle of unprecedented extraordinary ideas, aiming to satisfy the collective unconsciousness and desires of people.

Instead of a uniform, anonymous modern hotel design and robotic customer services, we create personalized services attending to your needs and wants. Treating you with timeless design fusing classic, contemporary and futurist concepts, it transcends the past, present and future.

Fascinating outdoor activities ranging from Golfing, Horse Riding to Jet Flying are available throughout all seasons and are accompanied by luxurious rooms and suites of our Hotel. Soon you can enjoy our revitalizing lounges and private garden, with a wide range of bespoke healthy mocktails and cocktails.

We provide a unique boutique and
world-class luxury comfort exceeds best Hotels in the world!