The Music Fable and it’s sister Fable Hotels situated at prime location along Swansea Bay Promenade provides a charming venue with luxurious interior, designed to create a perfect setting to begin your new life together.

Imagine, as the Prince and Princess of a Fable Seaside Pavilion, your private butler and secretary arranging a memorable dream occasion, with the house exclusively for you to entertain, wine and dine with your selected family and friends. As your dream event draw in to the evening romance together in a champagne bath, basking in the warmth of the setting sun, wrapped with heavenly music provided by some of the world’s best sound system, enticing you with the panoramic beach view.

Our luxury fable houses offer the luxurious surroundings with the versatility to create a perfected special day, embracing your needs providing for up to 100 guests. Whether a society wedding or a low-key intimate reception, our skilled team of personal planners are able to address all your needs.