Elite Fable's

The Gold Passport gives holders access to the Fables Club’s exclusive services, facilities, and experiences. Provides a perfect setting to meet, eat, drink and relax with your closest confidants, friends, and family. You get exclusive access to epicurean cuisines, carefully selected fine wines, and rare spirits – all delivered with attentive personal service in a friendly and relaxed manner. Your Gold Passport grants you advantageous access to Fable’s luxurious panoramic sea view suites, with private butler services making for a memorable Fable Club experience.

Fable's Club Membership

As a Fables member, you gain access to an exclusive environment featuring a range of prestigious Club Events, Superlative facilities and services through the Fable Hotels.

The Fables Club memberships are available to both established and aspiring professionals alike. We aim to promote networking and offer different levels of Club access depending on your needs.

Whichever Club Membership you select, the Fables Club aim to ensure a perfect way to combine business with pleasure.