Candidate Privacy Policy


This Privacy Notice covers how we collect, use, store and disclose the data that you supply to us and your rights to access, amend and remove data that we hold about you. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information and we will always treat you and your data with the respect you deserve.


Personal data, or personal information, means any information about an individual from which that person can be identified. It does not include data where the identity has been removed (anonymous data). We will collect, store, and use the following categories of personal information about you:

  1. [Personal contact details such as name, title, addresses, telephone numbers, and personal email addresses.]
  2. [Date of birth.]
  3. [Gender.]
  4. [Marital status and dependants.]
  5. [National Insurance number.]
  6. [Salary, annual leave, pension and benefits information.]
  7. [Start date.]
  8. [Location of employment or workplace.]
  9. [Copy of driving licence.]
  10. [Recruitment information (including copies of right to work documentation, references and other information included in a CV or cover letter or as part of the application process).]
  11. [Employment records (including job titles, work history, working hours, training records and professional memberships).]
  12. There are “special categories” of more sensitive personal data which require a higher level of protection. We may also collect, store and use the following “special categories” of more sensitive personal information:

  13. Information about your health, including any medical condition, health and sickness records (including Occupational Health records).
  14. [Information about your race or ethnicity, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and political opinions.]
  15. [Information about criminal convictions and offences.]

How the information is collected

We collect personal information about potential employees, workers and contractors through the application and recruitment process, either directly from candidates or sometimes from an employment agency or background check provider. We may sometimes collect additional information from third parties including former employers, credit reference agencies or other background check agencies such as the Criminal Records Bureau and the Driver Vehicle Licensing Association. If successful, we may collect additional personal information in the course of job-related activities throughout the period of you working for us.

When we will use your personal information

We need all the categories of information identified above primarily to allow us to to comply with legal obligations[**] and in the majority of cases we may use your personal information to pursue legitimate interests of our own or those of third parties[***] (provided your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests). The situations in which we will process your personal information are identified below. We have indicated by [asterisks] the purpose or purposes for which we are processing or will process your personal information, as well as indicating which categories of data are involved within the table below.

Some of the above grounds for processing will overlap and there may be several grounds which justify our use of your personal information.

Failure to provide information

If you fail to provide certain information when requested, we may not be able to make a decision as to your suitability for the role for which you have applied.


“Special categories” of particularly sensitive personal information require higher levels of protection. We need to have further justification for collecting, storing and using this type of personal information. We may process special categories of personal information in the following circumstances:

  1. In limited circumstances, with your explicit written consent.
  2. Where we need to carry out our legal obligations and in line with our data protection policy.
  3. Where it is needed in the public interest, such as for equal opportunities monitoring or in relation to our workplace pension scheme, and in line with our data protection policy.
  4. Where it is needed to assess your working capacity on health grounds, subject to appropriate confidentiality safeguards.

Less commonly, we may process this type of information where it is needed in relation to legal claims or where it is needed to protect your interests (or someone else’s interests) and you are not capable of giving your consent, or where you have already made the information public. We may also process such information about members or former members in the course of legitimate business activities with the appropriate safeguards.