The Music Fable Hotel


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Inspired by Dr Freud & Dr Jung (and named after a delightful little girl fortunate enough to enjoy cuisines from all four corners of the world with her father)

This unique dining experience is brought to you by Timothy Jung who has worked with many British celebrity chefs during his hotel career and dined everywhere from the elite Mosimann’s Dining Club to the streets of Shanghai. The iconic Al Burj al Arab, to the fusion foods of Ottolenghi and Scully…Chef Franc of Barcelona to Bar Bould and the Ritz London to Y F Chow and Kikuchi…Oh and back to his own kitchen!


A veteran of London’s Ritz Hotel, Timothy has teamed up with Welsh chef Anthony Maddocks, and YF Chow. The latter trained as a special chef to Chinese ambassadors and has catered for prestigious state events and banquets. He’s renowned for the preparation of superlative fusion cuisine for royalty, states people and foodies alike.

Le Momo’s no-compromise perfectionism offers constantly evolving à la carte and special tasting menus, which capture the true essence of nature through textures, tastes, aromas and a sense of perpetual culinary change. Jung’s leadership, team and sense of invention are what makes him tick. Oh, and the finest organic ingredients of course, most of which are sourced from Welsh farms around the Gower Peninsula, and with others carefully sourced from trusted growers. Finally, newly discovered taste sensations from around the world are added, including exotic herbs and spices.